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"There is a category of men who like ants, accumulates the information in an empirical way. The man scientist, must be like the bees, which collect and process, to generate the information, material useful to society." Sir Francis Bacon (philosopher, London 1561-1626)
AmBios born from the experience of Engineer Giancarlo Strani in the field of environmental engineering has developed in a decade of business study BIONOISE.
The activities carried out by the team of professionals making up the corporate structure in the environment and energy, have identified interesting market sectors in which the company intends to focus its activities. The experiments carried out in the study of physical agents pollutants and numerous designs in the renewable energy sector, have led to develop a society dedicated to engineering services, typical of the execution phase and management, production plants from renewable energy and the design inspired environmental criteria, environmentally friendly and energy saving. No special skills as a "guru" to understand the environmental and renewable energy, is and will be increasingly the main area of development of the present century; hence the idea of transferring skills and experiences gained in national and international level in the design in these areas to new entrepreneurial activities of certain interest and potentials.

Our Mission

AmBios Technologies and Environmental Services. The potential market in environmental engineering services can be summarized in two words: environment and energy. These two areas are the areas of greatest potential for industrial development worldwide; the need for such a development, now on the agenda in the corporate and government programs, comes from the necessity to combine the development of contemporary industrial society with environmental sustainability. AmBios draws on extensive experience of the shareholder in the study and management of various forms of pollution; Added to this a proven track record in the design and management of systems for energy production from renewable sources. This wealth of knowledge, nationally recognized, allows to expand the scope of the company with respect to operations achievable as a simple engineering firm.

Why Choose Us

Ambios un team di esperti.

Our Team

Giancarlo Strani

Laurea ingegneria meccanica, Project manager, libero professionista.

Luci Cristiano

Ingegnere ambientale. Libero professionista, tecnico competente in acustica.

Romina Ragni

Ingegnere ambientale Libero professionista, tecnico competente in ambiente.

Cosimo Ambrogio

Architetto. Libero professionista. Progettista strutturale e Direttore dei Lavori

Politica Qualita'

"La politica per la qualitá e per l’ambiente di Ambios"
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Ambios - environmental services and technologies for renewable energy.
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Ambios - environmental services and technologies for renewable energy. Editorials


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AmBios srl capitale sociale 25.000 euro i.v. Societá E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company)